For every woman who silently stand behind the ones they love and are the source of their strength. For every mom, every sister, every friend, every daughter, every wife….

I am not your damsel in distress

I am not a weaker sex

Don’t mistake my tears for my weakness,

I am stronger than U or I know

A fighter with a loving heart and a caring mind

I am all this and much more

I work to support my family

I can cook; I can take care of your house

I can single-handedly do more than the most

I am an inspiration to many who have lost hope.

I can move on from the hurt and forgive

I have the courage to help you collect your shattered dreams

I am a daughter..I am a wife.. I am a mother.. I am a friend

I am your silent and an ever willing companion.

I am a pillar of love on which your family stands

I am Me

I am here

I am NOW

I am my own destiny

I am…. a Woman!