Pic courtesy -Philosophies of Men Mingled with Scriptures Blog

Pic courtesy -Philosophies of Men Mingled with Scriptures Blog

This is one story we all have heard so many times as kids. Like everyone, this was just that, a story for me! Noah was instructed by God to build an ark and invite every species on board in pair. As he began this Herculean task, animals came in to help out. Help poured in quick and finally days before the said prophecy; the ark was built and filled with a pair of every species of animals. When the said flood destroyed the cities, only the ark floated on water and everyone on that ark survived. The story ends, stopping the pondering thoughts about the story in our young minds

It was only after completing few years in my first job and recession hit us, that I actually remembered the Noah’s Ark theory. It is something I came up with so will explain what actually it is. During recession, though I was not hit or affected by it, I saw many people getting laid off from jobs. A man in his 40’s got laid off, another man who had only few years left in retiring and had EMI / Mortgages to take care was laid off too; among the others.

These guys must have thought – they will retire in the same organisation, get a good send off and must have even adjusted their EMIs / Mortgage payments with bank accordingly. One fine day, they were told that they didn’t have a job. Financial crisis would have shattered their family; and the kid’s education that depended on their hard earned income was another reason why my heart went out to them.

Anyways, I decided that if I can’t change fate, I can at least prepare when I sense a fall. At that point, Noah’s Ark made sense to me more than ever! As soon as I started foreseeing any upcoming problems and started to prepare myself to face the issue, I simultaneously built a Noah’s Ark for myself. It was simple;

i)    If you think you might be without a job soon (for whatever reason…either by choice or otherwise), start saving 4-5 months in advance keeping in mind your current expenses.

ii)   Downsize the expenses to half.

iii)  If you know a friendship might turn sour, keep your distance, take time out till both or one of you’ll see things clearly.

iv)  If you sense any trouble brewing in your personal life, start preparing for the worse while trying to work things out.

Now, it is not certain that everything you are worried about will happen but knowing that if it did, you will sail through, gives you immense strength. I have realised that we worry when we think we will be helpless when some problem strikes and in that very moment we give up! Give up the fight to work things out, give up the need to ensure that we have a firm footing if we have to move on.

Remember all the time when you were down, someone close to you put their hands around you and said, ‘Everything will be fine. I am there’? Building a Noah’s Ark is same – here that someone is you. Building a bridge, a firm ground, a nest for yourself for the rainy days so that if, what you fear happens, you have cushioned your fall and are not shattered and helpless.

You will always have you – you best friend, your confidant, your strength, your motivator. So just have faith and build your own Noah’s Ark!