My sketch, my interpretation of turning 30 :P

My sketch, my interpretation of turning 30 😛

I am one and a half month away from turning 30 – a big milestone for some who had their to-do-list ready at 25. I have never been a to-do-list kind of a person, simply because my plans start going astray starting with losing my to-do-list sheet. (Yes for some reason I always write it on the paper)

I have a job, I am married, can cook and adopted pets; so according to the nosy people who our parents keep referring to, I should have be taken care of, for the rest of my life. Right? Wrong! What about seeing the world, meeting new people, growing old with the love of your life, living an illness free life?

I have always believed that petty people have petty thoughts. Ask them about their best achievements and probably they will ponder for a while only to retort – I got married at the right age. This will be coming from someone who did not see the world and their idea of vacationing would be to get up from the comfort of their own home and plonk themselves at their relatives’ house.

As I turn 30, I want to promise myself to do everything my heart desires, go visit new places, make new friends and spend time with my family. The dream does seem farfetched, but what the hell! If it was easily achievable, it wouldn’t have been a dream – that would be just another goal! So striving hard to achieve my dreams starts now……….

Happy (soon-to-be-30th) Birthday to me!