Well, the resolutions listed below have either failed before it started or got lost in translation one month down the line!

1.       I will lose weight this year – 

Sometimes even the weighing scale sympathises
Sometimes even the weighing scale sympathizes – Pic Courtesy – http://www.examiner.com

Classic me! I can’t even count the number of times I have decided this during the year and then some more on the 31st Dec. The proclamation is generally rather profound and thus begins a journey that is doomed to fail at the first sight of burgers and lip smacking cheesy delights. And knowing the ad world, the perfect shot of food plastered all over the papers brutally attacks the cravings and kick starts right after binging on my own words.


2.       I will learn a dance form –

Oh I love dancing! I have joined all possible dance classes only to leave it after a month. Bharatnatyam, Salsa, Jive, Waltz, Free style, Belly Dancing – I am truly a jack of all trades and the master of none. The relentless dancer in me has still not given up. Next I think I will try hip hop! 😀


3.       I will start using the oven-

My innate ability to blow things out of proportion includes my worry that the oven, that lies idle from the past 3 years, might just blow up. Yes I have tried using an oven and failed miserably. I feel it will blow up even before I start baking or heating stuff. This resolution almost always fails at the site of the beautiful white oven that sits atop my shelf waiting to die of old age than being mis-handled.


4.       I will run the marathon this year –


Pic Courstesy – takethestairs.wordpress.com

This is one resolution I love the most! All this while I have been sprinting in my dreams waiting one day I will fill up the form and begin the long gruelling routine to prepare my body for a 21 Km run. How I fail you ask? Well, to begin with, I always miss the last date of filling the form waiting for someone to accompany me in taking part in the run. Lame as it sounds; I have already crossed the 21 km mark in my head.



5.       I will be thoughtful when I shop –



Face palm – Pic Courtesy – http://www.craigboyce.com

Before I start, this is not about watching the expense. That is simply an unacceptable virtue in my world. The ‘thoughtfulness’ mentioned here is w.r.t shopping for a perfect attire and accessories to go with each one of them. It just doesn’t work because when I start shopping, I begin acting like a kid in a candy store and end up buying 20 things I don’t require instead of the 5 things that I need.






Probably next time I will be less drunk when I make them….! **Thinking!!!!! 😉