Dog Lost Snout - Pic Courtesy WTF pic

Dog Lost Snout – Pic Courtesy WTF pic

‘A dog loses his snout while trying to save kids’, read a news paper article. My heart broke as I scurried through the article feeling choked. As if the state of the homeless animals were not enough I heard another lady who bought a female lab absolutely unaware of the dedication that will be needed to take care of the new addition.

On probing the lady a little more I realised her complete lack of understanding on how to take care of the pup. The pup lacking direction and someone to help, has become a complete brat and bites everyone on whim. Her distress call woke me up in the middle of one night as she desperately wanted to know why her pup is biting everyone so much on that day. My ‘I don’t knows’ were unacceptable to her. She insisted I help and after trying to make her understand the possible problem I reluctantly pushed her away suggesting she consults a pet behaviourist, a doc or a trainer for the right advice.

Zoey time - Ritesh and Our baby Zoey

Zoey time – Ritesh and Our baby Zoey

Such instances question my understanding of being a responsible pet parent. Even after reading so much about bringing up a pet and talking to so many people about the right behaviour that should be encouraged and what should not be, I am still learning new things about my 14month old Lab. It is such people, who buy a dog because they like to play with them but are completely unaware of the responsibility that comes with it, rattle my concern for the pet.

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When they lack the understanding and the pet goes astray, they are ready to abandon the animal and run at the first sight of problem. Ask them if they will abandon their own child if the child becomes unruly and they will find your idea preposterous and unacceptable to even listen.  It is responsibility that bridges the gap between a “can buy” and a “should buy”. My only advice to such people – Just coz you can buy a pet doesn’t mean you should! Think twice and be well read before you take such responsibility!

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Dogs have time and again proved how caring and comforting they can be in the time of our need. Sacrificing a little bit of our time to read up, learn about how to take care of them and following it can be the least we can do for them in return.