Not literally! Don’t get defensive reading the title. The stress was not because of my beautiful female pup. It was because all the male dog owners knew I had a female pup. The endless probe – about her health, her liking, her well being, which felt so overwhelming at first, became increasingly suspicious. Our walks were interrupted by strangers with male Labradors. They would stop to give their mobile numbers and every conversation ended with – ‘do give us a call when you want to mate her’. Interesting!

As she neared her heat, we became increasingly sure that we will want to neuter her. This was less of a sudden decision as we had read extensively about the same, had thought over hundreds of times, consulted experts and other female-pup parents and then made up our minds. We did face some reluctance but what shocked us was our vets’ behaviour. Vets get a cut from the sale of pups through them – I had always known this fact. Our vet simply went a step ahead and refused to neuter her, saying that he will ensure all pups are sold. But when I asked what if there is a birth defect with a pup and no one wants to buy it, he replied nonchalantly, “aisa kuch nahi hoga”. He refused to accept anything bad will happen.

Sensing the obvious apathy, we knew what we had to do next – change the vet! The answer was simple and so was the reasons a) I am the pet parent – I will think about my baby first b) if you wanted a female so bad you shouldn’t have bought a male dog. We met up another doctor who was recommended by some close acquaintances and he shared the same views as us. The date was set and the surgery was a success! Her recovery was quick and my baby was raring to go (and play). She is healthy and braved the surgery.We are happy parents now as we ensured that we commit to what we can handle.

On the contrary to all the mild threats about how neutering alters their behaviour I would only say – if anything, it made my naughty puppy, naughtier! 🙂

PS:- Neutering is solely the responsibility and decision of a well informed pet parent. This article is about my experience. I don’t support or oppose the procedure; it is completely the pet parents’ prerogative.