I had been impressed with other movies from Pixar. So, from the time I first saw the life size cutout of Brave at the PVR, I was eagerly waiting for it. I went and I watched and this is what I felt.

Going by the tiny giggles I heard whilst watching did make me realize that it’s a definite hit among kids. The animation is top notch and the story is built up well. Every character has some behavioral nuances that you can associate with. Like the loving and caring mother who is critical of her daughter’s unladylike ways or a father, who is lovably happy and chilled out with a protective streak of an Alpha Male and 3 small naughty kid brothers.

Even the main protagonist Merida’s fight to gain her freedom while closely depicting the irritation and frustration of a growing teen is believable and beautifully depicted. Her need to change her fate, break the tradition of an early and arranged marriage and wanting to channelize her life her way, will appeal to a lot of youngsters.

It didn’t excite me as far as the story line is concerned. Apart from some parts here and there which emphasizes on the bond of mother and daughter, the rest of the movie fell flat on my expectation. With loose ends and some characters emerging with no prior justification, kept me wishing to see some more. Could have definitely given it a miss!