A vague mention by a friend about how people at Cannes watched Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur, a five and a half hr movie at a stretch and gave it a standing ovation got me interested. Two and half hour into part 1and I knew why! Anurag Kashyap sure has a way of taking an old soul and giving it a new look. (Remember how Devdas became Dev D?) With GOW I felt he had given ‘The Godfather’ feel to the rustic instances of coal and iron mafia in Wasseypur, near Dhanbad.

Don’t be quick to judge by the posters and an absence of an A-list star from Bollywood. Kashyap’s perfect choice of actors and the passion with which every character is finely etched and interwoven together made me sit glued to my seat. Scenes laced with profanity and street smart dialogue exchange between the characters does give a comic relief to the film packed with rural nuances.

This movie builds up steadily and weaves you in its tale of ego battle with a very engaging background score. Running over two and a half hours, this movie does feel like a long haul because of its length but totally worth your money.

A must watch for everyone who enjoys Anurag Kashyap style of storytelling along with its occasional gory scenes and his way of depicting the sexual tension between characters. Eagerly awaiting the GOW Part 2…