Monsoon clouds

It’s that time of the year when heat has dehydrated the last possible drop of enthusiasm of summer holidays and we are desperately starring outside the window to catch a glimpse of the long awaited monsoon. Yes, the summer has finally and successfully taken its toll like every other year.

As I bravely battle sweat, humidity and the killer heat, any cloudy day (like the one today) raises my hope for the cooling drizzles. Monsoon for me means greener surroundings, with an exciting assortment of activities like

  • trekking,
  • river rafting,
  • kayaking,
  • water rappelling.

In spite of our government’s best efforts to provide me with these adventures sports right here in the city thanks to the inefficiency of our local BMC, I prefer to skillfully dodge and avoid these torture inducing city adventures and head for safer outings.

Cool wind blows bringing along with it a sweet smell of wet earth as I pen my thoughts down now, assuring me of the long wait coming to an end. What do you know, by the end of this evening I might be sitting at the window sipping hot coffee while enjoying the first showers of monsoon if the nature permits.

Awesome Mausam should be here any moment!