When I was planning to write this blog I kept wondering – WHAT TO WRITE! So I decided to start writing about the one thing I love the most – Zoey!”

When I thought about the subject of my write up, I was filled with things to include. So armed with my over flowing cup of instances that I wanted to pen down and my context of writing, Zoey, warmly snuggled at my feet, I begin!

From the time she entered our lives, every day I spend with her teaches me lessons on how to live stress free and how to be happy. Zoey, my beautiful yellow Lab pup is indeed my source of joy! Her world revolves around me in my husband’s absence. When he is around, she prefers a spot which gives her easy access to me and him.

I fell in love with her the moment I saw her calmly sleeping in a small basket she was sent in. Her meek yet consistent cries at night and uncontrollable bladder did give us sleepless nights and we soon resigned to the fact of altering our daily lives to accommodate our bundle of joy. However, she also came with the unlimited entertainment that kept us laughing and amazed. Watching her run on her unstable legs and absolute lack of balance was hilarious! Two jumps and she went kissing the ground only to get up and continue the chase the same way, was her idea of running.

She is calm and submissive yet a bundle of hyperactive energy waiting to let out, obedient yet a sneaky rebel, understanding soul with a mind of her own, she is the epitome of contradictions. Don’t be fooled by her age, she is big enough to knock you down with her excited embrace. But instances when she accidentally jumped up on the bed and too scared to come down or seek our refuge when she heard strays barking at her or pulls you away from the stairs as she is too frightened to go down the stairs, made you realize that irrespective of her playful demeanor and ever growing size, she is still a pup.

She now 6 months old pup learning and growing everyday. she has conquered the fear of stairs and strays. She walks proudly and loves to play with her group of playmates comprising of a Beagle, a  German Shepherd, 2 adult Labradors and a Pomeranian. Exuding warmth and welcoming everyone who meets her with licks, makes this happy puppy of mine a delightful bundle to be with.

Absolutely love her!